Friday, January 25, 2013

Longer Hours for 2013

The Library and Resource Centre are offering longer opening hours than ever for 2013.
  • Resource Centre open throughout August 
  • Extra opening hours for Library and Resource Centre during TP and Exams (January-May)
  • Resource Centre open until 10pm during February, March and April
This increased hours for the Resource Centre alone mean it will be open for an extra 133 hours during 2013. You can see opening hours for both the Resource Centre and the Library on our website.  

These changes were made in response to requests from the Students Union and should ensure that these services are available when students most need them.  

This is only possible thanks to the continued hard work and co-operation of Library and Resource Centre staff.  A huge thanks to all involved!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Síol Information Week

This week is Síol Information Week and our theme is Avoiding Plagiarism.

Check out our new web page on citing and referencing that hopes to answer all your questions on getting it right. If your question is NOT answered, please ask us and we’ll endeavour to fix that!

Also, come see our small exhibit of plagiarism (alleged and actual) cases that have made the headlines as well as our slideshow that highlights our top 8 ways to avoid even a hint of the accusation!

It’s all there for perusal in the display area in the Library this week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Late Fri / Sat Opening

To accommodate students preparing for exams the Library is open later than normal this Friday and Saturday:

Fri, Jan 4: 9am-10pm
Sat, Jan 5: 10am-5pm

For full Library and Resource Centre opening hours check our website.

Good luck to all those taking exams next week.  Oh, and Happy 2013!