Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Even more to Muse over...

Project MUSE is expanding its online archives of over 80 journals titles. Over half of the titles involved will have their complete archive available and the increased content is being made available at no additional cost.

Some of the titles already expanded to the level of a complete archive are:
  • Children's Literature (1972-)
  • Children's Literature Association Quarterly(1976-)
  • The Emily Dickinson Journal (1992-)
  • The Henry James Review (1979-)
  • Journal of Early Christian Studies (1993-)
  • Journal of Women's History (1989-)
  • Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology (1994-)
Other titles currently being expanded include:
  • a/b: Autobiography Studies
  • Civil War History
  • Eighteenth Century Fiction
  • Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies
  • Journal of Middle East Women's Studies
  • Journal of Narrative Theory
  • Nabokov Studies
  • Nineteenth Century French Studies
  • Philip Roth Studies
  • Philosophy and Literature
  • Philosophy of Music Education Review
  • Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture
You can browse Project Muse's complete journals collection here. If you are accessing the resource from off-campus you should link to it via the databases page on the Library website.

Project Muse is available to us through the IReL initiative.