Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3rd-Years Are Getting ILLs

This year we have extended our InterLibrary Loans (ILLs) service to 3rd-year undergraduate students. Previously ILLs were available only to staff and postgraduate students.

We have widened the service in order to facilitate and assist 3rd-year students in their dissertation and research projects. The ILL service is a system whereby on your behalf we can borrow an item from another library on a temporary basis.

The terms of the service for 3rd-year students are as normal:
  • 3 ILLs free of charge
  • thereafter apply charges of €12 (book) or €10 (journal article)
  • items held in SPD Library cannot be requested
The ILL form is available for download on the Library website and the completed and signed forms may be handed in at the Issue Desk or Information desk in the Library. If you have any questions please contact