Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trial Access to Education Resource

Up until the Christmas break we have obtained trial access to British Education Index, an independent subject and author index of the contents of significant education journals published in the UK since 1975. The resource is hosted for us via Dialogue's Data Star resource at

The index contains bibliographic details of over 150,000 articles from education-related journals as well as conference papers, research reports and electronic texts.

While it does not contain full text versions of articles, the index acts as a useful filter for those researching specialised areas within education and looking for articles and publications relevant to their study. Article or journal references returned by the index may of course be available via one of our online journal databases or, failing that, by inter-library loan.

To access the resource you will require our trial login which can be obtained simply by contacting the Information Desk ( Once you've entered your login details just enter BREI in the database field and click 'select' and you're on your way!

We'd be glad to hear any comments you have regarding the resource.