Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be Constructivist!

We've added an open access peer-reviewed e-journal called Constructivist Foundations to our Journals A-Z.  This title may be of interest to our staff and students in Human Development and Early Education.

As the name suggests, it is concerned with discussion of constructivist approaches and philosophies - as the site puts it:
"the idea that mental structures such as cognition and perception are actively built by one's mind rather than passively acquired".  
The journal is published online three times a year and is now in its sixth volume.  Access of full text articles requires you to register with an email address but it is free of charge.

The addition of this open access title to our listings is nicely timed in line with Open Access Week 2011, October 24-30, an international event which works to promote open access as the new model for scholarly research and publishing.